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Welcome to a Bushel and a Peck Life

I’m a mom of four and loser of sanity on a regular basis. Long time introvert, short time napper. This is a little bit of a snapshot of my life.

About my Bushel and a Peck Life

So here we are, somewhere in the middle of my life (a touch before the middle? I’m not totally sure).

I mean, honestly is anyone sure?

My life revolves around being a mom of four, and I’ve decided I want to document our life together. A little ‘Dear Diary’ if you will.

I’ve been thinking of doing this for awhile and something always held me back. Then I got to thinking about how awesome it would be to go back and read the life stories of my grandmother or mom in ‘blog’ form. That was the final push I needed to really go for it.

Hope you enjoy!

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