3 Ways for an Entrepreneur to Keep the Motivation Alive.

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It happens to us ALL. 

Especially for the woman living the entrepreneur life. You start out with such a boss babe high. Time goes by and you’re still excited about the results you’re seeing. More time goes by and then reality begins to kick in. The kids don’t sleep. The sales slow down to a creep. You’re running off of how many cups of coffee a day (you’ve legit lost count) and the planner starts to fade into the background. You begin to slack and before you know it, the people who were rallying you on in the beginning are now no where to be found.

The juices stop flowing. The entrepreneur  wall begins to build up and all of a sudden, you find yourself in front of a 40 foot wall that seems absolutely impossible to jump over.

Yeah girl. I get it. I’m an entrepreneur and that darn wall is real.

So what do you do when you find yourself in front of it? How the heck do you climb over that thing? How do you keep the motivation alive when you feel that flame dying in your heart?

Reality is gonna happen. Life is going to come at us from all sides and burnout is going to inevitably knock on our door. The goal here is to be ready when it does and to have your go to’s for keeping your spirit motivated and encouraged to press on in the midst of it. For me, I always attempt to go back to three particular things. Three things that always seem to renew that motivation that came when I first launched my business.

This lack of motivation has crept into my life more than likely because I’ve allowed myself to loose sight of my dreams that started it all. What dreams do I have for myself in this business? Shoot, what dreams do I have for my life as a whole? If I don’t keep the dreams and the goals close to my heart, I’ll lose sight and I’ve found that forcing myself to sit down and make a dream/goal board is one of the funnest ways to bring some purpose and fuel back to my journey. 

Why did I start all of this to begin with? Where was I at when the idea and desire came to me? What pushed me to wanting more for my life? If you actually allow yourself to go here, I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll remember. You’ll remember a place of desperation and you’ll remember a specific need that you saw in your life. That need could have been for financial freedom, for a greater purpose, for your family and your babies, the list goes on. Figure out your why and encourage yourself to once again, find your motivation from that place.

Create yearly goals, goals you want to see happen in 6 months, goals you want to see happen in one month all the way down to weekly and daily goals. Create goals of ALL KINDS, from goals for your finances to goals for your business relationships and connections to goals for spending time for YOURSELF and reinvesting back into your heart. One thing I’ve learned and am still learning is I cannot pour out over and over again if I am not investing back into my heart, if I am not spending time to fill myself up again. What fills you up? For me, it’s just spending a little time doing things that I love.

As an entrepreneur, it’s seriously so easy to justify spending every minute of every extra hour in the day that you have WORKING. And like I mentioned in my last post about working while being a stay at home mom, you all know how much I DO sacrifice to make my business happen. But, even in the midst of sacrifice, I still have to make time for myself. How can I give the best me if I am leaving myself completely out of the equation?

There’s no way around it. I can’t. So, to the entrepreneur who’s struggling to find motivation today…don’t abandon the words you’ve just read. Give what I do a try and find a way to jump over this wall.

If I can do it, I know you got it in ya too. I mean, I’m no super woman or anything (although there’s talk on the street that…I am 😉 







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