3 Ways to Sell when the Selling Gets Hard.

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We’ve all been there in our careers and in our goals, right? We start out on a roll, on a selling rampage. People are seeing our new business, they are buying into what we’re talking about, they are right there cheering us on and supporting us through generous sales. Things seem to going fabulous for you until one day…

you hit a break wall. 

Sales aren’t what they used to be. Posts on Facebook are completely going unnoticed and unliked. People have seemed to have disppeared and you are finding yourself stuck in a selling RUT. This season or lull if you will could be viewed in two completely different ways. You could see this as a beautiful opportunity to stretch yourself in the area of your selling creativity or…you could throw your hands up and call it quits.

I’m gonna go with the first one here, because I didn’t start this business to end a quitter. There’s no brick wall too high for me to find a way over. There’s got to be a way to move past this and oh hunny, is there ever.

Instead of wallowing in a pity party, try these things instead

1. Spend time re-investing in your previous clients. 

Use this down time as an opportunity for you to make a target run, grab a handful of cute greeting cards from the dollar section and spend time writing little thank you notes to all of the clients who have bought from you in the past. Let them know that they are on your heart and that you so appreciate their business! Throw in a few highlights of new product that’s out and be sure to do your best to make them feel loved and thought of from that one little card. Kindness goes a long way people. Throw it out like confetti and watch what it does for your business.

2. Offer Free Makeovers and Facials on Facebook. 

Make a captivating post that offers FREE Makeovers and Facials to anyone who wants one. Ask them to come out and support your business by giving you faces to practice on and then remember that every face you DO practice on is someone who could potentially become a client of yours. Show them just how amazing the product is and then give your pitch as to why they need it in their life. You may give 10 facials and walk away with 10 sales or you may give 10 facials and walk away with 1. Either way, it’s a start to stepping out of the rut, am I right?!

3. Step out and Join a Vending Opportunity. 

Research around in your local area for upcoming city events that are looking for vendors to come out and set up. Offer live Lipsense demonstrations and color try ons. Set up your table to make it look super professional and attractive to people passing by and work to make a name for yourself in your business and in your city! Even if you walk away with no sales, you’ve just placed your name and your face in the hands of hundreds of potential clients. And guess what? When they need makeup or skin care, they’re going to remember you!!

Everyone goes through dry seasons like the one you’re in. That doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. That means it’s time to get serious about pushing through the grind and grit. That means that now it’s time to work on getting creative in your business! Choose to push yourself through this and watch your season and view slowly but surely begin to change again. Before you know it, if you stick with it and force yourself to think outside of the box, you’ll see results, my friend! Just keep pushing!

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