How to Become A SeneGence Distributor & All the Facts You Need to Know

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How to Become a SeneGence Distributor and the Benefits of Joining Now

What is SeneGence?

Senegence is a leading cosmetics company. They’re known for their wow product LipSense, but have so much more to offer from skincare to makeup. Their dedications to quality and a product that puts its money where it’s mouth is has made this company have a huge success this past year. They’re only just scratching the surface.

SeneGence is a company that has been around since the 90’s. It has proven its longevity, and has just reached the momentum or ‘growth’ phase. This is the phase we are expected to be in for the next 8 or so years.

To put it simply, look under ‘Stability’ on the graph below. Most of the companies listed (if not all) have been around so long that they’re “stacked”, means that the people at the top are there to stay and it is tough to break in and make an impact.

4 Stages of Direct Sales and Company Growth with SeneGence

While you can join and find success in sales with all of these companies, with the meager incentives they offer; growing a team can prove to be difficult. Not impossible, but certainly more challenging than a company who has just hit the momentum phase — SeneGence.

There are tons of ways to move up in this company and it’s still a tangible possibility to be one of the highest ranked distributors during this growth period.

How many Distributors are there?

While SeneGence doesn’t guarantee success to anyone, it seems to make perfect sense to me that with a little hard work you can and will succeed, given that the territory is wide open.

If we take a look at the map below, you will see we have around 200k distributors, while other leading companies have millions. With that being said, our growth this year was at 200%. That is AMAZING!!!

SeneGence Distributor Map

This map shows active distributors per state. It’s easy to see that many of the states are basically untouched.

Just writing this is getting me excited all over again for you! This is some true motivation. It was actually a map similar to this that made me decide to go for it and try to work this as a business. If you’re ready to make a run for it and work hard, this company can and will be fantastic for you.

Is SeneGence right for me?

Ask yourself some of these questions.

  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Are you willing to give this business (and yourself) a chance? (Such as, if you don’t see immediate success, are you going to lose your gumption and quit?)
  • Are you a positive person?

If you answered yes to these questions, I truly believe this company is right up your alley!

With all of that being said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You know, the catch we all wait to hear when presented with a too good to be true opportunity. I assure you there is no catch. This really is a fantastic opportunity.

How much does it cost to become a SeneGence Distributor?

Let me break it down for you:

  • Sign up is $55 (annually), and you’ll pay a discounted cost (20 – 50% off) for the products you order — plus tax and shipping.

The best news is that during the month of January 2018, the company will credit your SeneGence account with $55 in Senebucks when you sign up (basically, making your signup free). You can use the $55 towards products purchased for yourself, or purchase products to resell.

  • You don’t have to meet any quotas to stay active as a distributor. Every 6 months you just need to have purchased 100 worth of product value (which is around $200 actual dollars worth of products). This is not including tax and shipping.
  • Low-risk investment. If you end up deciding this isn’t for you, and you no longer wish to be a distributor within the first 6 months, you can call the company and get your signup fee of $55 back. PLUS they’ll buy back any unopened inventory you have with just a 10% restocking fee.

In my humble opinion, all of the above makes this a pretty low-risk investment. This, along with the fact that you do not need to keep a ton of inventory on hand, makes SeneGence perfect for me, and I think it will be for you too!

What are the benefits of joining as a SeneGence Distributor?

Let’s review why signing up now would be fantastic for you and your life

In closing, I can’t wait to mentor you and help you build a business you love! I truly pour my heart into this business. I will do everything I can alongside you to help get you everything you desire out of this opportunity.

How to Get Started

Feeling lost on how to get started? I recommend joining a team with an experienced leader in SeneGence who can help with training and answer any questions you have. So, if you are ready to become a distributor and have a career that really pays than join my team today for the opportunity to earn commissions, bonuses and become your own boss.

If you have any questions about becoming a distributor, please feel free to reach out to me at:

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