Investing in Your Business and What it Takes to Make it.

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Are you a girl with business dreams for yourself?

I’m talking a girl with the wildest, most insane, most impossible, larger than life dreams? I’m talking dreams that if you shared with anyone, you might just get some backlash for them. I’m talking the biggest of dreams, Jesus dreams.

Because that’s who I am. Because that’s what I have. 

I have Jesus dreams. Things that I know He’s called me to do, things that make my heart go wild just thinking about them coming to fruition and a lot of these dreams that He’s placed in my heart have been placed there over the course of years and years of pursuing Him, over the course of years and years of really asking Him to specify my gifts, my calling, and my passions. I have a running list of things I know He wants me to pursue at some point in my life…

But recently I’ve been stuck at one question. 

How in the heck am I going to find time to make these dreams reality? Because of course, these dreams being bigger than little ole me are going to have to be done by the Lord Himself, but I still have a major part in helping them take shape. I work like it depends on me and pray like it depends on God. So if this is the case, what’s the secret formula to seeing my business dreams take baby steps to becoming my reality?

It’s choosing the best yes. 

I read a book not long ago that completely and radically changed the way I had been attempting to balance out my schedule. It’s a book called “The Best Yes” written by the most amazing author Lysa Terkerst and in it she talks about how the Lord called her out to write a book. She’s now the author of dozens of incredible books, but how did she get that very first one out?

She had to decide what was going to take up her time. She’s a mama just like me. She has responsibilities just like I do. She has friends who want to have play dates, same as me. She has bills and laundry and dirty dishes and so on the list goes. So, how did she find time to get her words out on paper?

 She had to give out some no’s in order to say yes to her dream. That meant declining a few invites to lunch dates. That meant declining to spend her time focused on other things and instead saying yes to spending her time with the Lord more often. Lysa actually ended up devoting Friday mornings to her words, to her very first book, and as people would approach her with opportunities happening on Friday mornings, she would say no to them – and get some pretty odd looks in the process as she explained to them why.

She had a date with Jesus. She had a date to fulfill her dreams. To fulfill HIS dreams for HER.

And this my friend, is the secret to making dreams happen in your life. What are you saying yes to right now that’s taking up your dream’s appointment? What no’s need to start happening more often in your life to give yourself time to focus on your own calling, on stewarding God’s beautiful purpose for your life?

I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing my best yes when I choose to invest in kingdom work, in dreams placed and birthed within my heart by God himself. A million no’s is worth one yes to pursuing God’s calling on my life.

Make time for your business. Make time for your dream. Choose the best yes. 

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