Magic in the Mouse: The One Tradition Every Parent Needs for their Family

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So, first things first. Have you ever actually been to Disney world? Have you ever literally stepped into the most magical place on earth? Or am I hanging out with a total Disney skeptic right now?

Yeah, I know the thought process of an unexperienced Mouseketeer parent. You’re probably the kind who was so much like me before we began a tradition for our family that would end up changing our entire view on the whole Disney experience and what not.

For the unbeliever, Disney may look to just be another annoying theme park where they rob you blind with their 20 dollar cheeseburgers and where kids go to scream, cry and pitch fits while waiting in three hour lines. Trust me. I get you.

But…hear me out. Because a few years ago, we decided to give Disney another try. And this time, we decided to make Disney something for our kids that would be absolutely unforgettable for them for hands down THE REST OF THEIR AMAZING LIVES.


I am a mama to three amazing boys and a sweet baby girl. We have our super special Eli who is 8, our quiet go with the flow kid Ben who is 6, our precious James who is 4 and finally, our baby girl Quinn who is the itty bitty age of 2! Their dad and I started our family knowing that we wanted to make life so sweet and special, so unique and different for the little lives we would make. We wanted to be the kind of parents to give them that “every kids dream” childhood…the one that, well, every kid dreams of having. We were stepping into these new roles as parents with the dream of hopefully giving each one individually a whole lot of fun to make the hard seem not so…hard (because, let’s face it, parenting is HARD).

So the hubs and I decided on something we would do for each of our kids on their 6th birthday. Each one would get to pack up with just mom and dad on a plane and fly ourselves to DISNEY for an entire week of JUST US. So far, our Ben and our Eli have been able to experience this and can I just tell you – if you’re struggling with the whole Disney / theme park deal, GIVE IT ANOTHER TRY. This has been by far the sweetest times we have had with our boys and has made the greatest memories for them! A whole week of getting to love on Ben. A whole week of getting to see his silly little self come to life as we spent a whopping three days in the Magic Kingdom taking him to do all kinds of hidden things in the park.

I mean, who knew that Disney had an entirely separate Pirates League (Pirates of the Caribbean people, come on!)  that you could sign your child up to be apart of?! And who knew that Pop Century has a scavenger hunt for the kids that stay there? And get this: who knew that Magic Kingdom had this incredible adventure for kids called “The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom?!”

Our boys needed this time with just us and little did I know, I needed it even more. Each trip has given me as their mama a chance to connect on such a deeper level with their little hearts. A chance to really see their uniquely designed personalities light up over completely different things. My sweet kids are so different and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I wouldn’t change putting back our nickels and dimes for these trips with our kids for anything on this earth.

If you’re gonna do Disney with your family, do it right. Make it different for YOUR family. Make it exciting in a way that’s going to have your kids talking for the years to come. Find a fun way to surprise them with a random weekend trip. Choose to make your own family traditions celebrating life with that cute mouse and know that even though you may not be the Disney type, you are investing in the lives of your precious kids. And can I tell you? They grow up so fast.

And ya know what? Even if it’s not Disney. Choose to do SOMETHING. Choose just ONE to start with. Choose to begin making traditions for your babies NOW before they grow up another day. Get creative and decide for your family to make the most of a birthday or an anniversary, an event, a holiday or better yet, choose to surprise your kids with something totally random,  even if just once a year, that’s going to have them just crazy ridiculous excited! Mom and dad – our babies need us and you don’t realize just how much you need them until you take that step of getting away with them for a week. It’s simply magical. Much like sweet ole Disney World.

What are some fun traditions that YOU have started making or want to start making with your sweet family and your crazy kiddos?!


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