My Biggest Struggle as an Entrepreneur…

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Confession time.

I have one struggle as an entrepreneur that always seems to follow me around. Like, always. I can never seem to get super far ahead of the struggle and somehow, I always end up right back in the thick of it.

I, my friends, am the world’s worst procrastinator. Okay, well maybe not the WORST, but still. I’m on the procrastinating struggle bus for sure. I struggle with staying motivated for long periods of time and honestly, who can blame me? Shoot. Who can blame ANY mama who’s juggling all her roles , with her entrepreneur role thrown in there too?

I’m not gonna lie. Some days, being a wife to one, a mama to four and a business woman to a bazillion can get just a tad overwhelming if I let my mind go there. On those days, it’s all I have in me not to grab my sunglasses and head to the beach for an incognito hiatus. And the thing is? My weeks usually start out pretty motivating. I’ve got my calendar planned out, my to do’s nailed down, my fridge stocked and laundry put up. I’m literally all hands on deck for Mondays, but then Tuesdays happen. And then the Wednesday slump happens. And then you’ve got the Friday afternoons coming your way. When you wear as many hats as you do, finding motivation 24/7 can be a doozie, my friend.

So, in the process of trying to tackle this struggle, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way that I think every entrepreneur could benefit from.


I’m all for making goals and setting dreams in place and reaching for the stars, but newsflash Shannon. You’re only 5 feet tall. You’re not Michael Jordan and you were never created to be, so stop putting all of these crazy expectations on yourself that are in reality, just unattainable in this season of your life. You’ll get there, entrepreneur friend, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss the mark every now and then. Remind me how many roles you’re carrying right now? Let’s dream big, but let’s not put undue pressure on ourselves to reach heights that we physically (with our 5 foot selves) can’t reach. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’ll get there. You’re still growing, remember? 


Notice I didn’t say habits that are distracting, but distractions that have become habits (how smart do I sound here? 😉 For example, how often am I picking up my phone and scrolling throughout the day? Man, what a distraction that is from keeping my mind locked in and focused on getting ahead with my work, with my laundry, with you name it. What about constantly cleaning the house? Why do we do this again, mamas? Like seriously. the house is going to be there for a good while Lord willing. It WILL get cleaned up, but I think what’s happening is you’re using the to do’s around you as distractions from getting further along in your entrepreneur goals. Maybe choose to clean the house right before you go to bed. Straighten up everything, tackle the dishes, etc. at night so that you are distraction free when you have FREE time to work on your business throughout the day.


If you’re not making time for yourself during your massive amount of to do’s, then of course you’re getting distracted. Of course you’re running on E. Of course you’re struggling with staying motivated. YOU NEED AN OUTLET. You need a designated time every single day to give yourself just a few minutes to do something NOT WORK or CHILD related. As an entrepreneur who always has something she could be doing, I know the feeling of struggling with mom guilt for wanting to sit and read a magazine during nap time. IT’S REAL and the crazy thing is…EVERY MAMA DESERVES TO BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN AND READ A MAGAZINE DURING NAP TIME. If you don’t give yourself at least a few minutes every day, then I’m afraid the motivation struggle is just going to keep rocking on. Trust me. Give yourself some you time this week and see if that motivation don’t come for you just a little easier.

The struggle will not win, you guys. Procrastination and a struggle to stay consistently motivated will not beat me. Who’s with me?


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