Sales and Timing: A Post for my Downline.

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Happy Tuesday to all of you pretty ladies! Today’s word is for YOU, so I pray you’ll scoot up your chair and soak in a few thoughts from me as I’ve had all of you so strongly on my heart lately. Have you ever gotten to a place of discouragement in this business of yours? There have been times where I’ve had amazing sales weeks and then times where I’ve had not so amazing ones. The high weeks are incredible. You seriously feel like you could conquer the world, but then literally as soon as that low week hits, it’s as if all that success from before is tossed out the window and you find yourself all of a sudden wanting to throw in the towel on it all.

Being your own girl boss is hard work, ladies. It really is. 

This takes someone who is able to stand back up on her own two feet after getting knocked down. Someone who is willing to hear no over and over again. It takes someone who is persistent and driven, motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to see goals reached. But doesn’t that sound a lot like super woman? I mean, how exhausting.

My advice to you for the one who has found herself here this morning: Step back and become a people watcher. What do I mean by this? Instead of always feeling the need to push push push in order to get sales and see goals, choose to simply walk with eyes open as you “walk” through your facebook feed. Are friends of yours posting about specific events in their lives? Maybe they’re counting down the days to saying I do? Could they be going through a rough time? Do you have anything to offer them that might help them with right where they are in life right now?

Catch my drift, dear?

Timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to seeing success in our business and because of this, as sales women we MUST walk with eyes open. We must be ready to reach out to others at the right time, and be cautious to approach people at a horribly WRONG time. As people share about their lives, watch closely and begin asking yourself…”do I have something that could help them get through this?” With makeup, your ammo is always full and ready to fire. ANY event could call for a free makeover or a free sample of Lipsense or even just a simple message letting them know you’d love to connect them with product to make their day extra special. If someones going through something amazing, skin care is always a bonus. If someone is walking through a tragedy, Lipsense can be a confidence line for them as a way to help them walk through it.

Because isn’t that where we all were when we grabbed ahold of this business? 

Let’s walk with eyes open and be aware of what others are walking through. If you time it out just right based on what others share, I have no doubt that you’ll begin to find yourself drawing closer and closer to those goals of yours. Don’t throw in the towel, sweet girl! Just be willing to change up your game plan. If at first you don’t succeed, find another plan!

To my amazing downline…I believe in you!! You have so much potential to be so very fabulous in this business so GIRL. Choose today to walk with eyes open. Choose today meet others right where they are, right in that perfect timing.


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  1. Hannah April 7, 2018 at 9:02 am - Reply

    You have helped me change my viewpoint. Boy, was I broken down by no’s before, and even though I still don’t love them, I can handle them in a totally different way now. ❤❤

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