Stop, drop and Lipsense: The why behind the obsession

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I’m really not one to brag. For those who know me, you can stand on how you know this to be true of me. I’m not one to just go on and on and on about something marvelous I’ve done. By marvelous things, I’m referring to my incredibly ridiculous talent of cleaning poop off the walls and graciously letting my children roll around in mud puddles (because what awesome parent DOESN’T let their kids do this…I mean, come on people).

BUT…when it comes to my lipstick, I for real think I’ve hit a gold mine. I have found a lipstick that is the queen of all other lipsticks. Like, she has straight up stolen the show. Just call her Zendaya (Greatest Showman anyone? No? Okay guess it’s just me on this one then). This lipstick has most definitely fallen into the obsession category for me. Not the kind of obsession that involves losing sleep at night. Ummm that’s just weird. I’m talking the won’t cheat on this lipstick with any other brand type obsession. Are you a lipstick cheater? A brand hopper?

Mmmmmm…girl I’m shaking my head because I used to be you too. And I lived in constant shame. HA!! Totally kidding. But really, I could never find the lipstick that would do the job for me.

I’m a mama which means…I’m constantly kissing faces, kissing boo boo’s, eating leftovers from the kids pb & j’s (don’t EVEN judge – you know you do it too). I’m the one who is running here and running there, taking kids here and there, chatting with other fabulous moms here and there and I’m in desperate need constantly of a lipstick that DOESN’T WEAR OFF.

Ladies. I have found that lipstick. Hence the beautiful obsession. 

Yes. A lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours – it’s a lipstick called Lipsense and it’s unlike any other type that I’ve used. It’s very thin and goes on in a thin layer. It’s super thin, but goes on like a stain and the more you layer, the deeper the color you get and the more likely it is to stay on LONGER. You can even redefine your lip shape with this liquid lip color (as Lipsense calls it). I’m talking you want a more defined heart shaped upper lip? You got it sister. Just outline your lip the way you want it to look, add a few layers and bam. You’ve got yourself a pair of gorgeous lips.

To keep the color on, simply apply a thin layer of our Lipsense GLOSS. You can get this in all different colors and types – clear, sheer, matte, shimmer, glitter, pink, blue, you name it, they have it.

And let’s take this a step further shall we?

I ACTUALLY SELL THIS STUFF. Yes mam. I couldn’t resist. It’s too good to be true. For only $25 to $30 bucks, you get an entire tube of any color. These colors are GORGEOUS. Want to try out my obsession? Let me know my dear and I will initiate you into the Lipsense club. HA! Once you go Lipsense, you never go back.

Don’t mind me, I’ll be over here rocking lip color for hours and hours today while everyone else is getting let down by off brands and reapplying a bazillion times. =)


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