The Fast Start Kit: Why joining now is a GOOD idea.

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I’m not your drive you nuts until you join kinda girl. That’s not me at all. And so, I’m not going to put any pressure on anyone in the area of joining my team. As women begin finding themselves longing for something more, I want to be the woman who shows them what the Lord has done for me and in return, the woman who shows them what He can do for THEM as well. I have the most amazing team of ladies underneath me and know that every single one of them have been hand picked for my downline. I look for ladies who have drive, who are motivated, who are desperate to find some financial freedom and I begin praying. Because I know that if they are meant for my team, then the Lord will bring them! And if He wants to use me as the connection to making that happen, then I’m glad to be the one He uses!
And so here I am. Sharing with all of you amazing ladies about an incredible deal going on right now for new (and old) distributors. It’s a ridiculously amazing distributor starter kit that contains SO MUCH STUFF. Like seriously. You guys. This kit is an absolute STEAL. Filled with over $3,000 dollars worth of product, this start kit is only being sold right now in MAY ONLY for $1,195!! If there were ever a time to join my team, now would be that time!!
Here’s what comes in this amazing starter kit:
A Glamour Demo Kit with a GORGEOUS case filled with over $1,000’s worth of product!
1000 PV Order which is $2,000 in retail!
A New Senegence Planner which is $45 in Value!
12 MONTHS OF NEW APPS (This includes the Senelook and Senebizz) which is $100 in Value!
The Fast Start Kit which is $350 in Value!
Exclusive Training!
And last but not least, FREE STANDARD SHIPPING!!!
So, like I said earlier, I’m not going to pry or force or pressure anyone. That’s not my style and honestly, who wants to be done that way anyways? I will say though that having you on my team would be such a treasure. It would absolutely delight my heart to get to be the one to daily encourage and motivate you to becoming the best you imaginable. Just picture yourself. Living in financial freedom. Doing something that you are actually passionate about. Living in constant community with an amazing group of women surrounding you, all working towards the same goal.
It’s really a dream, girl.
And I really would LOVE to see you join this month. So, do me a favor and think about it, will ya? I know you’d be an amazing asset to my amazing downline filled with amazing ladies!

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