What we can all learn from Jamberry…

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Have you heard?

Jamberry’s out of business. Just like that. Practically overnight. 

What went wrong and what can you and I walk away with from the whole getup?

Well, first things first, for those who have no idea what’s going on, Jamberry ( a business that sold nail acrylics and other beauty products) is closing shop this month and leaving over 50,000 consultants in straight up confusion. They have apparently had to file bankruptcy and foreclose due to getting in over their heads on the financial side of things, but the bottom line here seems to be pretty obvious…

Who was checking in on them? Where were the financial advisers? Where were their accountability partners? 

Jamberry started off from the friendship between three sisters based out of Utah. Success came for them…like BIG TIME. They were featured in Self and Glamour magazine AND on Buzzfeed. Their business was a pretty big deal for a good little while, but at some point, someone stopped checking in, someone stopped keeping up with the others, at some point something went horribly wrong. (Read more about the story here…)

And now because of it, over 50,000 women are left in the dust – most of them wondering where in the heck their paychecks are.

And the takeaway from this? 

Who are you assigning to check in on you and who are you checking in on? Who’s asking you the hard questions about your business, about your finances, about your game plan? Do you have someone who could be this person for you? Because girl, I can only imagine the devastation that these sisters are walking through right now all because their person wasn’t there.

In the business I’m in, in Senegence, I absolutely love the fact of knowing that I have a higher up that I can have to check in on me and keep me accountable in my sales, in my profits, in making sure that I’m abiding by the rules, etc.  I have THE most incredible women in my life for the job. Women who I aspire to be like. Women who I seriously look up to. And in turn, I have my own downline and get to be that woman for THEM.

Accountability is crucial for the boss babe who wants to succeed in her career and dreams for herself, because it’s what keeps you driven, it’s what keeps you motivated, it’s what keeps you strong and encouraged to press on despite hard seasons. It’s knowing that someone is going to be checking in on you that lights a fire under me to do everything with absolute excellence.

So…who are your people? Who do you have in place for the job? And who are you investing in afterwards? 

We’re a community of women who need to stick together.

Let’s do that through having some killer accountability. You in?

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