Trust the Process: Finding your Path through Stepping Stones

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Do you ever feel like you’re running a marathon? Not an actual physical marathon because ain’t nobody got time for that when you have four kids, but a life marathon. You’re trying to do what God wants in your life and follow His way but you end up feeling more like a hamster on a spinning wheel. Where is this all going is a question I seem to find my self asking on the daily.

Well I am here to tell you today my friends that although the path you’re on may not have any clear direction or destination, that as long as you keep walking you’ll find yourself where you need to be. I am living proof of it.

I’ll never forget the day my husband found his dream job that would provide everything for our family. And I’ll never forget COUNTLESS jobs it took that all ended up being so important to him landing this amazing one! The day when the Lord opened the door and brought Him something else, it all became so clear all those little steps may have seemed like roadblocks along the way but really they were laying the path to everything our family had prayed for.

I use to cry to my husband weekly about how I just wanted my own home to decorate and make memories in, but we spent years unable to do that. When the time was right it led us to the house were in today. Which is more than affordable, actually once it’s all finished with the remodel it’ll be absolute perfection. If I had stomped my feet and demanded a house the first time I had the desire to buy a home we never would have found this perfection. It’s a shorter commute, for my husband. It’s a close drive to the lake, and the neighbors are everything!

I’ll never forget the day I stepped into a business thinking that it was the one I would be pursuing after for the rest of my days. And just as the door opened, I remember so vividly finding myself not quite fulfilled with what I had stepped into. I had tried out an opportunity and had realized that it wasn’t for me.  What it was was a stepping stone to getting me to the business I am now, but without pursuing my previous endeavour I never would how found LipSense.  The Lord’s ways are so much more creative and purposed than we could ever imagine. I heard His voice speak so sweetly over me…

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways,” declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:9

I came to realize that everything I had walked through up to that point were all filled with massive purpose to shape me into who I am today. I don’t know that I’d be the same person had I not been apart of all of those jobs thats ended up not being the best fit and now, I know more than ever that I can trust in my God when things don’t really make sense to me with my own eyes. HE holds my life in His hands. He is in control of my life. HE is the one making a way for me and He is using every experience in my life to mold me into who I need to be for my future calling and purpose!

Have you found yourself stepping on all kinds of different stones? Attempting to find the right path for your life? Wondering if this will really be it for you or if it will just be another stepping stone leading you to what your heart truly desires? Because if so, then know this: there is sweet joy, sweet peace in the middle of that path and it’s found when you grab the hand of the One who’s waiting for you there. Just be patient sweet friend! There is purpose in each and every stepping stone that your pretty little feet touch!

“And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


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